Face the Issues

Face the Issues

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Hosted by Samuel Chen. Robust conversations about the issues of the day that affect our region. From community to politics to healthcare and finances; all these topics and more will be thoughtfully discussed and examined.

Face the Issues
  • The Century Promise : Face the Issues

    Episode 1

    In some regions across the country, students are coming out of high school unprepared for college, unprepared for work, and in many cases, unprepared for many of the challenges that life has. So why is this? And what can we as a community do to make these students more prepared and to help them t...

  • 1st Amendment Rights: Face the Issues

    Episode 2

    One of the Supreme Court cases in the summer of 2023, out of Colorado, seemingly pitted religious rights against same sex marriage rights in the case of 303 Creative v. Elenis. Sam Chen speaks with Adam Carrington, associate professor of politics at Hillsdale College, and the William and Patricia...

  • Judicial Ethics & Reform: Face the Issues

    Episode 3

    Sam Chen interviews Adam Carrington, Associate Professor of Politics at Hillsdale College and William and Patricia LaMothe Chair in the US Constitution, about judicial ethics and reform in the Supreme Court. (original airdate 9-19-23)

  • What Happened with Canada's Wildfires?: Face the Issues

    Episode 4

    Most of us in this viewing area and in other parts of our country experienced extra smoke this summer. And most of us are aware that this smoke didn't originate anywhere in our backyard but came from wildfires in Canada. But how do wildfires in Canada make their way down to the United States? Dan...

  • Back to School - Kids and Mental Health : Face the Issues

    Episode 5

    For most children, their academic performance is not the only thing that causes anxiety in their return to school. What are the challenges that our young students face, and how can parents and the community come around side them to help them? Jessica Meade is a counselor with Foundations Christia...

  • Pennsylvania’s EMS Collapse : Face the Issues

    Episode 6

    We've all been taught the drill since we were kids. If there is an emergency, dial 911. Most of our cell phones are equipped with that emergency button that you can just tap. But what if you made that call and no one picked up? Or the average wait for your ambulance or fire truck was 30, 40 minut...

  • Broadband Infrastructure and Internet Access : Face the Issues

    Episode 7

    The heralded bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by Congress in 2021 promised to bring high speed internet to America's most rural communities. But there are many challenges to accomplish this. When can we expect it to arrive? And what's the impact for our communities? Anthony Hennen is a journ...

  • Veterans Helping Veterans : Face the Issues

    Episode 8

    Veterans. We see them. We thank them. We all want to help them. But how do we do that? What is the best way to aid those men and women who've worn the uniform in defense of our nation and our freedoms? Christopher Yarnell is the founder and president of Battle Borne and a veteran of the United St...

  • China, TikTok & Freedom : Face the Issues

    Episode 9

    The controversy we hear surrounding apps like Tik Tok have little to do with the latest dance trend or the latest challenge and more to do with China. So why does the world's largest and strongest communist nation have an impact on America? And what are those implicated issues for global policy, ...

  • Amending State Constitutions : Face the Issues

    Episode 10

    The US Constitution isn't the only constitution that we’re subject to. American citizens are under the United States Constitution, but also their state constitution. And the increasing political and policy battles are being fought through those state constitutions. Why is that the case and what i...

  • Choosing College: Face the Issues

    Episode 11

    Colleges aren't one size fits all. Different colleges have unique strengths that fit different kinds of students. Dr. Mark Erickson, senior director of International Development at Lehigh University and president emeritus of Northampton Community College, joins Sam Chen to reflect upon his career...

  • Steel City - Bethlehem, PA : Face the Issues

    Episode 12

    What was the impact of Bethlehem Steel, both globally and locally? Bruce J. Ward and Keith Sten from Historic Bethlehem Museum & Sites join Sam Chen to talk about the history of Bethlehem Steel and its legacy today. (original airdate 6-20-23)

  • Unspun: Silk, Fashion & the Moravians : Face the Issues

    Episode 13

    Sam Chen interviews Lindsey Jancay )the Director of Collections & Engagement at Historic Bethlehem Museum & Sites), and Brett Peters (the Curator of Collections & Exhibits at Historic Bethlehem Museum & Sites) about the history and legacy of the silk industry in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. (original ...

  • Financial Literacy : Face the Issues

    Episode 14

    How do we learn financial literacy? What impact will it have and what are some programs available to the community? Gabriel Rendon is the founder and executive director of the Financial Literacy Center of The Lehigh Valley. He joins Sam Chen today to break down those questions and more on this ep...

  • Home of the Brave : Face the Issues

    Episode 15

    Honoring our military men and women is something that we do continuously in the United States but so often, we take their sacrifices for granted. So what is it like to be in the military today and what are ways that those of us who don't serve can honor those who do? Gunnery Sergeant Cameron McNe...

  • Mental Health Today : Face the Issues

    Episode 16

    Sam Chen interviews Joe Watkins, President and CEO of Community Council Health Systems, about taking a wholistic approach to caring for mental health needs, and what solutions we have as individuals and as a community.

  • Medicaid Re-Enrollment : Face the Issues

    Episode 17

    Sam Chen interviews Katie Meyer, Government Editor and Reporter for Spotlight PA, about regulation changes to healthcare effecting Medicaid which is causing many individuals to have to re-enroll. They discuss the cause and how to know if you’ll be affected and the steps to take to re-enroll. (ori...

  • The Teacher Who Became a Spy : Face the Issues

    Episode 18

    Sam Chen interviews Molly Wilmington, author of the children’s book “Dietrich Bonhoeffer - The Teacher Who Became a Spy” to discuss the legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and how we can teach children about history. (original airdate 4-18-23)

  • Speaking Up for Ben – Fentanyl Awareness and Family Recovery: Face the Issues

    Episode 19

    Sam Chen interviews Rhonda Miller, a Certified Family Recovery Specialist, Certified Grief Educator, Grief Recovery Specialist & Executive Director of Speak Up for Ben, Inc. and OASIS Community Center. Topics include the dangers of fentanyl, its pervasiveness, seeking recovery from addiction and ...

  • PA Governor's Budget Address: Face the Issues

    Episode 20

    PA Governor Josh Shapiro has issued his first Governor’s Budget address. On this episode of Face the Issues, Sam Chen interviews Greg Moreland, the State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business to break down the budget and what it means for PA’s taxpayers and small businesses....

  • Saving the American Chestnut : Face the Issues

    Episode 21

    The American Chestnut tree, once a part of American industry and history, may be functionally extinct, but some are working toward a path for its restoration. Steve Delp, who is on the board of directors for the PA / NJ chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation joins Sam Chen to talk about the ...

  • Cybersecurity : Face the Issues

    Episode 22

    Sam Chen interviews Kevin Dellicker about the recent data leak that affected him and 10 other members of the Airforce as well as other examples of cybersecurity threats and issues. They discuss what may have lead to these and how businesses and individuals can safe-guard themselves against potent...

  • Section 230- Social Media and Free Speech : Face the Issues

    Episode 23

    This week Sam Chen interviews Adam Carrington, Associate Professor of Politics at Hillsdale College and William and Patricia LaMothe Chair in the U.S. Constitution, about Section 230, First Amendment, Limits to Free Speech, and Supreme Court of the United States. (original airdate 3-7-23).

  • Honoring Heroes : Face the Issues

    Episode 24

    This week Sam Chen interviews Peter Brown, the exec. dir. of the American Red Cross PA Rivers Chapter, to talk about their annual Heroes Breakfast in Berks county and the Lehigh Valley as well as many of their programs like Sound the Alarm, Pedro the Preparedness Penguin and the Pillowcase Projec...