One Day Closer

One Day Closer

17 Episodes

One Day Closer
  • Family Discipleship

    Episode 1

    How does family discipleship influence your kids and what does it look to really be intentional about it? Join our guest, Pastor Justin Reese, as he discusses with our host this important topic.

  • Making the best use of the time God has given you

    Episode 2

    We live in a culture that is always busy, always hustling. But what is enough? How does God define success? Join our guest Scott Mckenna as he and our host discuss this important topic.

    Original Airdate : 6/13/2024

  • Strategically Supporting Missionaries

    Episode 3

    How can you best support your missionaries? Join our guest Pastor George Hege as he and Brennan discuss the topic.

    Original Air : 6/6/2024

  • Turning Your Business Into God's Business

    Episode 4

    Can business be done in a Christian way? Our guest Hal Mante has tried to run his business in a way that really makes a difference.

    Original Airdate : 5/30/2024

  • Forgiveness

    Episode 5

    What is forgiveness and what is it not? Join Jessica Meade and our host as they discuss this important topic.

    Original Airdate : 5/23/24

  • Equipping Men To Impact The World

    Episode 6

    Can a busy man have an impact for God? Kevin Schultz describes how God is reaching the hearts of men.

    Original Airdate : 5/16/2024

  • Transformation Through Memorization

    Episode 7

    Memorizing scripture can feel daunting but it doesn't need to be. Join our guest Elisabeth Reese as she discusses how acting can make scripture memorization fun.

    Original Airdate : 5/9/24

  • Mentoring That Makes A Difference

    Episode 8

    How do you make an impact in a teens life? Our host discusses with Zack McAlack how he is reaching kids and helping them grow in their walk with God.

    Original Airdate : 5/2/24

  • Training Boys To Become Men : One Day Closer

    Episode 9

    What does it mean to be a boy who is becoming a man? Jim Cabush joins Brennan to discuss trail life and how it builds up young men.

    Original Airdate : 4/25/24

  • Witness Around The World : One Day Closer

    Episode 10

    Original Airdate : 4/18/24

  • Serve Community For God : One Day Closer

    Episode 11

    Pastor David Smith joins Brennan to discuss Bethel Bible Fellowship Church's mission statement and why it’s important.

    Original Airdate : 4/11/24

  • Making Disciple Makers : One Day Closer

    Episode 12

    Pastor Adam Kern joins Brennen for a conversation on what a disciple of Jesus is and how we effectively make more disciples.

    Original Airdate: 4/4/24

  • Making Disciple Makers

    Episode 13

    Adam Kern joins Brennen for a conversation on what a disciple of Jesus is and how we effectively make more disciples.

    Original Airdate - 4/4/24

  • Deep Roots Equals Flourishing Fruit : One Day Closer

    Episode 14

    Travis Pondelek discusses how the Deep Roots program has challenged him, changed habits, and grown him closer to God.

    Original Airdate - 3/28/24

  • Equipping Teens to Engage Their World : One Day Closer

    Episode 15

    Bill Harrison discusses the importance of training the next generation to be on mission.

    Original Airdate - 3/21/24

  • Bringing Beauty into Brokenness : One Day Closer

    Episode 16

    Counselor Jess Meade discusses how she uses the bible to help people in their battle against anxiety.

    (Original airdate 3/14/24

  • Gaining Sight for the Unseen : One Day Closer

    Episode 17

    Host, Brennen Sullivan, and guest, Joe Velarde, discuss how to live for Jesus in the everyday of normal life.

    (Original airdate 3/7/24)